Searching secondary sources

11 Oct

Dear Students,

Please find the attached 4th lecture on using secondary sources for evidence-based dentistry.


Good luck with the assignment #3.

Finding the answer for your PICO question

5 Oct

Dear Students,


This is the third lecture’s presentation.



I was very impressed by your abilities to come up with research designs in response to the class activity in slide 10.


Good job all.



Asking an Answerable Question (PICO Question)

26 Sep

Dear Students,


It was nice reading your assignments and reflection. The course instructors (Dr. Adel Husein, Dr. Maha Mahmodu, Dr. Hind Abdulfattah, and myself) are very excited for a wonderful course.


We hope that you have the idea of the course clear in your mind. Please do not hesitate to ask any question related to the course publicly here so the rest of your colleagues will benefit from your question (or if you prefer by contacting one of the tutors by email). Remember! There are no silly questions.


Please find the attached lecture on asking an answerable PICO question. Please don’t forget to send your assignments electronically by October 1 (for males), October 2 (for females) as indicated in the last slide.


Please don’t forget to review the PubMed Tutorials. You will find them very helpful in the coming two lectures when we talk about searching.


Good Luck.

Orientation Lecture – EBD

21 Sep

Dear Students,

This is the first orientation lecture in the Evidence-Based Dentistry (Evidence-Based Clinical Practice) Course.


Please don’t forget to read the additional reading materials mentioned in slide 39. The materials are available with the team leader. Furthermore, don’t forget to hand in your first assignment as Word Document to my email before September 25.

How to use the UQU Digital Library?

11 Sep

Dear Students,

Thanks for those who attended the orientation session on Sunday. As you recall, we had a brief introduction to the need for research, what is the difference between research methodology and evidence-based clinical practice, and then we went through the learning resources available at Umm Al-Qura University. Please make sure that you activate your accounts & familiarize yourselves at the different UQU databases to get the full benefit of the evidence-based dentistry course which will start next Sunday (September 18, 2011) for all 2nd year students.



Furthermore, completing the PubMed Tutorial is a pre-requisite to attend the first session next week. Please go over the PubMed Tutorial at this link. There will be a quiz at the beginning of the FIRST lecture addressing the PubMed Tutorial.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive email alerts when new posts are published.

Good luck.


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